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On Nov. 10th to 12th, 2017 Guizhou International Folk Cultural and Tourism Products Festival with topic, showing cultural tourism products and promoting Region-based cooperation, has held in Guian. This fair invited the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region as the guest of honor, and over 20 enterprises; meanwhile, collected products from 287 civilization enterprises. This festival attracted delegations from 39 countries, such as, America, Australia, India, Egypt, Pakistan, Singapore and Netherlands.




Qingfeng Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Limited Corporation

Lengshuai, chairman assistant: Our no-smoking barbecue car can solve the lampblack pollution from the catering trade. Our products make the gas up to emission standard. We want to contribute to Guizhou ecological tourism development.




澳大利亚参展商Igora Lucyna Opala:这是我第二次参加贵阳民博会,非常高兴能再次回到这个地方,因为我们热爱这个令人欢喜的地方,热爱这里的景色和人,我们也很高兴能重回中国。

Astralian exhibitor—Lgora Lucyna Opala: This is my second time in Guiyang International Folk Festival and we are very happy to come back because we love this joyful region, the scenery and people in here, and we always love coming to China.




Since Guizhou has lots of national culture resources, protecting and inheriting Guizhou intangible cultural heritage and national & folk culture is one of the most important projects. Guizhou cultural industry occupies 3.39% in Guizhou GDP, and its growth rate has kept over 20% in recent 5 years, which helps colorful Guizhou make progress in the new age.



The slogan of this cultural and creative exhibition is Entering a New Age · Innovating the New Future. There are 3 parts of this fair: culture with big tourism, culture with big poverty alleviation and culture with big data. Although they are different from each other, they are mutual complementation.


The culture with big tourism exhibition showed 53 awarded works from 2017 Colorful Guizhou Creative Design Competition. This work named Songs of Birds and Fragrance of Flowers, made out of tea utensils and small bowls with hand painted Blue and White patterns.



The creator Li Jiayi: We hope to present these special things which just could be seen on fabrics or in museums by using common things in daily life. It can make people understand these elements well to protect and inherit them better.



Congmufengsheng silk products, designed by Zhao Xueyuan, postgraduate of Tsinghua University, has been sold hotly. She said the basic elements of these products all come from minority culture of Qiandongnan Guizhou. To make these products more high-end and high-grade, they were made out of silk by high-tech technique.



Postgraduate of Tsinghua University,Zhao Xueyuan: In another word, we not only use Guizhou traditional Miao patterns, but also fashion color blending to make them more high-grade.



Guizhou silver products, created by Colorful Guizhou Cultural Industry Group appeared in this fair firstly, which gained amount of praise.



Xujin, deputy secretary and vice president of Colorful Guizhou Cultural Industry Group: We hope make Guizhou silver products become representatives of Guizhou tourism products as like Swiss Army Knife. Every tourists will buy a Swiss Army Knife as a souvenir. Since Guizhou silver has conditions to on behalf of Guizhou tourism products, we hope every tourist will buy it as souvenir too.


Xujin said silverware has practicability in our life. It is a decoration and is also good for our health. But we still should try harder.


Now the silverware manufacture enterprises are small scale, it is not abundant. We need a big brand and chance to make them larger.


The Colorful Guizhou Mountain Merchandise Experience Area attracted lots of foreign people.



CEO Zhou Xiaomei of Colorful Guizhou Brand Asset Management Co. Ltd: We are making oriented for some product designs, for example, we blended Miao patterns in fashion items. We want to make cross-border cooperation to promote Guizhou culture.


In the culture with big poverty alleviation area, the scissor-cut, embroidery, batik, sculpture and folk pictures jumped into people’s eyes.


We want to dig Guizhou culture deeply by using this way, then have volume production and sell to our consumers, finally, promote the poverty alleviation of cultural industry.



As the important stage to promote national folk and culture exchanging of all countries, show the national style of China and rich culture of Colorful Guizhou, this International Folk Festival plays significant role in promoting Guizhou culture & tourism development and the marketization process of folk arts and crafts, expanding Guizhou opening to the outside world and the development of social economy with increasingly innovative ways and rich contents.







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